10 Of The Best Creative Gif Images On The Web. Image 3 Is Unbelievable!

We all love a gif image here at Cools And Fools and if you were not yet aware they are very popular on Tumblr and Google +.

Unfortunately Facebook do not allow moving gif images in their newsfeed which is a little annoying.

Today I bring you 10 of the best and creative gif images there are on the social media networks this week.

Some of them as you will see have been planned and created to perfection, some might just be parts of TV shows or films converted in to a gif image but whatever they are originally they are pretty funny and very clever.

1) Liverpool and Uruguay striker and vampire Louis Suarez biting a candle as his team mate Steven Gerrard and Liverpool legend King Kenny watch on in horror and then they all laugh about it.


2) This is so damn cool and I so wish this was possible, flop onto the bed and suddenly your clothes come off and you are laid snuggled up under the covers…. how cool would that be?

bed clothes guy

3) Isn’t this the same guy? Is he a super hero? Is he an X Man? Does he really have these powers? I need to know!

car jumper

4) This is a great video for a Canadian Web Developing company…. if this was actually true it would be the best belly flop in history and so cool to watch… hold on… I am watching it! It must be real!

diving team

5) So glad that this is not real, Facebook would be awash with idiots making kittens and puppies and trying to sell them unregulated…. oh wait! It is :-/ Cool gif though


6) This is cool, fancy looking at a different woman’s face for a bit? Then spin your missus’ mug for a new one…. oh wait, its the same one, what’s that all about then?


7) This is early footage of the geeky boffin building the Predators camouflage system allowing him to blend into his surrounds… well as long as he is stalking someone near this tree to be precise. Great gif image,

Perfect camouflage

8) I love this one, skipping power pylons…. I so wish this was real, would make the world a much happier place.

power cables

9)This is very clever, I am guessing it is from an advert or TV show but still very funny and worthy of sharing. So who want’s one of these magic sheets of paper?


10) And finally, not sure about this one… someone filmed a Venus fly trap with a cigarette and then added glasses. It is different I will give you that!

venus fag catcher

So there we have it, 10 of the best gif images on the web at the moment, some are pretty damn creative and some are simply funny.

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