12 Days Of Christmas Song To Be Extended By 85 Days To Include October, November And December

The classic traditional Christmas Song The 12 Days Of Christmas is due to have a major update to keep it in line with modern trends.

October the 1st has now become the official start of the Christmas season for many people as they begin decorating their houses and putting up trees in their windows in late autumn.

Retailers also start decorating their stores and playing Christmas songs to help get their customers into the spirit way before Halloween.

Big chain coffee shops also launch their Christmas seasonal drinks, cakes and snacks in early October.

“Clearly the 12 Days Of Christmas song is outdated and in need of a major overhaul.” Said Ms Bebe Jesus, the singer-songwriter who has been asked to write the new extended version which is expected to be ready for Christmas 2020.

“I am not sure what I am going to add just yet but I do know that I shall take out some of the old verses. Seriously… who wants or receives partridges in pear trees or a group of drummers drumming for presents?”

“Maybe a bucket of chicken nuggets with apple sauce or a Roland drum machine but wild birds in dirty trees and a team of drummers would be a nightmare gift. I want to make the song more unidentifiable with a modern generation.”

“I might include things like 74 sun bed session vouchers and 32 nail bar trips, 24 bottles of gin and 14 Domino Pizza deliveries etc. You know… bring it all up to date for a more modern society.”

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