The Best 15 ‘Worst’ Eye Hurting & Head Shaking Cosplay Outfits Ever Seen On The Internet.

Cosplay has become huge over the years… people love cartoons, comics and sci-fi V shows/films and you will find a lot of these sci-fi comic lovers at gatherings such as Comic conventions.

Many of them enjoy dressing up as their favourite superheroes, cartoons and various other fictitious characters.

Many of them look good and many of them look soooooooooo bad you cannot help and wonder what the hell it is that they see when they look at themselves in the mirror.

So let’s scroll down to see how various Cosplays i.e. Costume play turned out to be bizarre and creepy.

Please be warned… many of these images will make your eyes hurt and will make you shake your head… a lot.

1. I am with you


2. Batman on shopping spree


3. WTF?  This cool player is the 5th FAIL. 3

4. Aww…Look at me… can you guess who I am supposed to be?4

5. If you know what this person is meant to be… please let me know!5


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