15 Of The Best Full Wall Street Art Pieces Of 2014

We at Cools And Fools love good street art and graffiti.

Well we love all kinds of good art and design to be honest.

But what is really cool is the way that graffiti has evolved over the years from the subways of New York where it was deemed vandalism and anti social to a huge global family of respected artists.

In the past most people became angry if they found that their property had been targeted by graffiti writers but today it is a completely different story.

If you had found a Banksy piece on your wall you would be very happy and possible quids in as we say in the UK. Banksy originals can go for hundreds of thousands and a wall is no exception.

Many artists these days are asked, commissioned and welcomed to paint street murals on buildings by their owners.

The art has evolved and there is a growing trend to paint huge murals on the end walls of buildings the full height of the building to. They are incredible as you will see below with 15 of the best that I have seen shared this year by the great folk over at London Street Design Magazine.

These pictures are a collection of designs from around the world.

full wall street art 1

full wall street art 2g

full wall street art 3

full wall street art 4

full wall street art 5

full wall street art 6

full wall street art 7

full wall street art 8

full wall street art 9

full wall street art 10

full wall street art 11

full wall street art 12

full wall street art 13

Animal Gangsta Banner 336

full wall street art 14

full wall street art 15

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Original Source LSD London Street Design Magazine On Facebook. Pop and pay them a visist


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