CUTE ALERT! 16 Of The Cutest Labrador Puppy Pictures Ever! #4 Is Just Too Cute For Words!

No explanation needed here. Its about time we had another round up of cute animal pictures, and today we have decided to go with Labradors, puppies in fact.

We had a warm reception from the post we gave you a while back about the Labrador who adopted the kitten. This was such a warm story and was great to see those fantastic pictures. You can revisit that post here if you like: Labrador Adopts Orphan Kitten

There is no story to this post, this is just a bit of fun to fill your day. We all like images like this. And I did say all – so even if you are the tough guy I challenge you not to go “ahrrr” to some of these wonderful little pups.

So, in no particular order, here are the 16 of the cutest Labrador puppy pictures EVER!!

cute puppy labs

cute white lab

excited labrador

friends pups

gorgeous little labrador pups

lab brown pup

lab pups playing nad sleeping

labrador and his duck

red moon fox pup

silver lab pup

sleeping in the bucket lab

sleeping lab

blonde labrador pup

brown lab

cute labrador puppy

cute labs

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