Holy Cow! These Early 1900 Halloween Costumes Are Freaky! Especially Number #10

Every year the Halloween festival comes around and the kids get to dress up as little witches or vampires. The costumes around that time of year are everywhere and its often full of women trying to ‘out zombie-nurse sexy’ each other.

There are simply too many costumes and loads at hand should you decide to get dressed up for the occasion. But way back in the early 1900’s things were obviously a little different. Here we have compiled a list of “fancy dress” costumes for that era and blimey, I know which era I find more scary!

Take a look at these fun costumes for yourself and see what you think. It’s a bit like something from “A Clockwork Orange” and the rabbit from “Its All Gone Pete Tong” – freaky and weird.

Check them out below. If you like them, or rather if you find them a little disturbing as we do then please share them using the buttons below.

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