20 Incredible & Amusing Facts About The Eiffel Tower That You Probably Didn’t Know… Until Now :-)

If we ever dream about going on a romantic holiday then Paris is considered to be the dream destination above all other cities in Europe.

The City Of Love as it is called has some incredible and wonderful buildings and monuments. Among them one of the great examples of such elegant architectural style is the Eiffel Tower.


It is considered to be true epitome of romance, grandeur and flawless beauty. Yet its building was opposed and was only planned to be a short lived folly yet it is still standing and a symbol of France and the French people.

Here are 20 Incredible & Amusing Facts About The Eiffel Tower That You Probably Didn’t Know… Until Now 🙂

1. Courtesy and respect goes to the designer and engineer Gustave Eiffel who gifted this great masterpiece to world which was named after him. Nearly eight million francs was spent building the Eiffel Tower.

2. This majestic monument had its own shares of hurdles as well, a few artists and architects were against the concept of Eiffel tower. But as we know sometimes things just have to happen, the whole universe works to give us these incredible wonders of the world and so here stands tall and proud, the great Eiffel tower!

3. Its creation started on January 26 in 1887 and took two years, two months and two days to complete. And what we see now is simply ‘mind-blowing’!

4. This might seem as a shocking revelation to many admirers (like me for one) but initially this beautiful tower was meant to stand for no more than 20 years. 126 years later and it still stands as a historical landmark in Paris.


5. In the past it played an important role in radio phonic experiments and in the development of French Television.

6. This Giant tower is 324 feet and comprised of 7300 tons of iron. Can you believe that this massive structure required 18,038 pieces of metal to attain its structure? This is really mind blowing!


7. As well as its beautification purpose and romantic connotations, many adventure stories are often associated with the Eiffel Tower.

In 1905 a person named L’Euipe organized a race. The winner of this race reached the top of the tower first and was rewarded a bike. Have a guess how long it took the winner to reach the top… You will be surprised to know that he took only three minutes and 12 seconds to reach the top. That is an incredible time isn’t it?

8. Another stunt was performed by Lean Callot, an aviator who attemted to fly under the tower. During this stunt he was killed as he hit the television antennas while flying.


9. To mark the celebration of 75th Anniversary of this legendary tower, mountaineers climbed up the tower and it was shown live on French television.

10. Did you know that a metal structure changes its size with different climatic conditions? The Eiffel tower actually shrinks by six inches even in slight drizzling. This is amazing… and possibly scary.


11. During summers and extreme heat, the tower has tendency to lean and sway by 18 centimeters. Well I think a metallic monument has its own share of sensitivity just like us!


12. Even creative industry is not far behind when it comes to proper utilization of this well crafted tower. A French car manufacturer named Citroen in 1934 used the tower as advertisement billboard. This giant billboard broke all time records and conferred the title of the world’s largest advertisement.

13. Gustave Eiffel, the creator of this spectacular tower was the proud owner of an apartment on the third floor of the Eiffel tower which was exclusively open for his close family. I wish I could own it as my dream apartment!

14. In the past tourists had to conquer 1,665 steps to reach the top, but now the top is just an elevator away.

15. Few people have the tendency to take the opportunity to do something thrilling and exhilarating like jumping off the top of a tall structure but that is what two Britons did when they decided to jump with parachutes from the tower without any prior permission from the authorities.

This attracted a  lot of anger from the authorities. Whatever happened…kudos to their brave efforts…you won’t find me attempting it!


16. The famous climber Hugues Richard broke his own records of 1998, by climbing up the tower on a mountain bike in 2002.

17. French people constitute a large chunk of the tourists’ numbers visiting the Eiffel tower more than once.


18. According to surveys and data collected, the Eiffel tower attracts nearly seven million tourists every year.

19. Did you know that 2010 is considered to be a landmark occasion when celebrations took place in honour of the 250 millionth visitor?


20. Good news for foodies like me to know that this elegant tower offers an unbelievable opportunity to enjoy a world-class fine dining experience in internationally acclaimed restaurants like Jules Verne.

So if you have a chance to travel to Paris then make sure you visit this wonderful tower. We know that you will fall in love with the City Of Love!

Source- wonderfulengineering.com

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