20 Things That Men Do That Women Probably Don’t Know About! (We All Know #10 Is True!)

Right then, hands up who has done at least 5 of the things on this list? Maybe 10? Maybe all 20! Either way, here is the list of 20 things that men do that women probably don’t know about. I am sure the list could have been longer – who knows.

I wonder what the women’s list would read like?

Blokes do get the blame for a lot of things that they DO know about, snoring, farting, embarrassing them in public places, not cleaning up, not cooking enough, putting pants and trousers in the wash together, leaving things in pockets and then putting them in the wash.

Anyway, lets get it out the way here. Here is the list….

Remember ladies – its just a bit of fun 😉

My personal favourite. Number 17.

20 Things Men Do FINAL

So there we have it – is they anything on that list that you do? I bet there is, maybe even some on there that the women do to!

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