3 Days Of Earth Tremors In The UK Coming To An End As All Dead Labour Supporters Finish Turning In Their Graves


Earth tremors which have been plaguing many parts of the UK have finally subsided. Large areas across the North of England and Scotland were hit the worse.

The tremors started just after 10pm on Thursday night just as the votes for the UKs general election were started being counted.

A leading seismic specialist professor G. Roundshaker said “I see no reasons for the tremors, there are no moving plates or pressures building up. It’s all very strange and unusual.”

One young lad from Newcastle said “I think it’s my grandad and all his mates. They were all strong labour supporters and I don’t think they are a happy.”

“That would explain all of the strange groaning that could be heard all weekend from those areas.” Said the professor. “We have had reports of the words ‘for fucks sake’ whispering over the wind along with the groaning.”

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