32 Perfectly Timed Photos. Picture 11 Is My Favourite & A Must See :-)

We have a right collection of photos for you today. These are brilliant, probably some of the best pictures online right now and it isn’t the amount of pixels or the size of the lens on your DSLR that make these pictures perfect but the timing.

The moment you press that shutter release whatever is in view is captured forever and if someone just happens to ride a bike into a lamppost right in front of you at that moment… that is even better!

You won’t believe these photos, the timing of some of them is just incredible, a split second too early or too late and these pictures would remain average and dull.

All there is left to say is enjoy them, they speak for themselves 🙂

What a set of lungs this angel has!!!

image 1

This is what happens when out riding your bike and you pay too much attention to a tourist having his photo taken 🙂

image 2

One word OUCH! Perfect timing, I love the guy in the dark top sat a couple of rows up, you can just see his calm face is thinking… ‘Ouch that’s gotta hurt… so glad I am sat here!’

image 3

Dinner… Dinner … din din dinner, din din dinner din din dinner din din dinner .. DINNER is that how the theme to Jaws goes?

image 4

Man you are one ugly lady… oh wait sorry your pooch has stepped in the way… phew!

image 5

“Late night was it? Or is my speech boring you soldier?”

image 6

That is an air garage, the pilot lives in these flats and every morning he leaves his apartment and climbs a rope ladder into his plane before flying off to work.

image 7

“over a little, bit more to the left.. touch more…. yes that’s it, lower her down onto the church steeple”

image 8

“You taking the piss? Only I can stand here like this… bloody copycats!”

image 9

To be honest if I had a pair that looked like them I too would keep looking down at them and touching them… but I am a guy so that is to be expected 🙂

image 10

Er ahem… you can make your own captions up, being British I am sure I can hang for taking the piss out of this well executed blow job shot…  errr I didn’t say that, it might look like that to someone somewhere … possibly… but not me. Fnar fnar

Looking at the young girl holding her ears there must be some loud slurping noises going on… maybe, I speculate… possibly 🙂

image 11

“You ready Tony? Ok here we go… ” Birds love a bit of extreme sports, here we see birds playing the popular ‘swing a friend over the edge’ game.

image 12

“Here let me get that for you, I see a bogie hanging down and I am sure it would put you off your shot” 🙂

image 13

Travelling at the speed of sound … is it a bird? is it a plane? errr  both I think!

image 14

Ha those well known and popular sex pests the British Royal family are at it again… I wonder what he is referring to? Whatever it is she seems to appreciate it.

image 15

“There you go my little friend, fly free…”

image 16

“Oh my god yes…. yes … yes that is soooo good… good of you to share such a well timed photograph with us… Thank you.”

image 17

The latest invention from Apple, the new iMat, similar to normal mats but this one hovers.

image 18

Is this a cat in a bag that has a picture of a mans body on it or is it a man wearing a fruity cat mask? Bit like the type they wear when out dogging in the woods… apparently.

image 19

He wasn’t a believe but in a fit of sarcasm he asked for ‘a sign’ and to see the ‘hand of God’ in action… he was a bit taken back when he was suddenly tapped on the nose.

image 20

“Hold on, nearly there now, I can feel it… will soon get my boot out, you are lucky I didn’t wear my big studs today!”

image 21

The ‘Kick her into the box and win a head’ competition was in full swing.

image 22

Hold on, whose legs belong to who? I am so confused!

image 23

“That’s it, sit quietly, don’t move… stay still… I have had enough of your shit for a lifetime… no more I say… no more!”

image 24

“Oi mister, hurry up and turn the page, I wanna read the cartoons, is Garfield in this paper? I loves some Garfield, stupid cat…”

image 25

Some people take what they are told too seriously, when her parents kept calling her ‘flower’ and ‘petal’ they didn’t mean she had to act like one every day,

image 26

“Peek A Boo…. ha ha ha ha got ya, I am hidning behind the bag… seriously… that isn’t me, that is a picture on the bag you silly Monkey”

image 27

The international ‘Flamboyant Hide And Seek’ competition went off to a flying start with Hungary’s female hide competitor hiding herself in side of Britain’s seek champion Hugh Jarse.

image 28

“Look mum, I am pretending to be a bike…”

“Very nice dear now go and wash your hands your tea is on the table”

image 29

” You feathery winged t**t”

image 30

Awwwwww, and the Shirt says what we are all thinking 🙂

image 31

“Shit bears”

“Excellent dinner”

image 32

Original Source: News Hound

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