35 Of The Best (Or Worse) Building Fails EVER!

When you look around at all of the great architecture you cannot help but be amazed at the quality of the craftsmanship and skills of the people who built them.

Well we have some incredible buildings here, you will love them I know.

However it isn’t their stunning designs or quality of the work you will love.

It is the fact that you will not be able to believe your eyes at these ridiculous and seriously stupid building fails.

You will laugh when you see them then stop and ask yourself ” How did they allow it to happen?”

Some of these are so ridiculous they should have been realised they were bad ideas before they even started!

Enjoy! :-)


Maybe a set of traffic lights and a single file road will work here?


The ladders they ordered were 5 foot too short but they decided to go with it anyway, people can jump that bit can’t they?


Ahhh the stairway to heaven… oh hmmm no, the stair way to a headache.


For those with only a half full bladder.


Stick a few cushions in there and the kids will love it! What’s the problem?


Maybe they had a few bricks spare and couldn’t face throwing them away or the bricklayer on the inside was blind.


???? and then one more? I really do not know.


Bit of a ‘Chicken and Egg’ situation here, what came first, the drive or the lamp post?


Ahhhh yes, those two things that go perfect together, water and electricity… where is the sink? Must be for show only? I really hope so!


This is part of the popular Eastern European game of building false venue entrances and then sitting down to watch as the locals fuelled up with vodka try to get in.


Please tell me this was built after the rail line was decommissioned!


This isn’t really a fail, it was built for a guy who spends his whole life walking around on 1970s glam rock platform shoes. His are the biggest in town apparently.


“Where you going?” “Nowhere” “Well that’s ok then”


They said the washroom attendant needed a seat to sit on from where he could sell his smellies. Not sure what smellies they had in mind.


I see what you did there, fooled them into thinking there was a ramp for prams and wheel chairs but you tease them by swapping it for steps half way up! Naughty or stupid!


Another popular Eastern European game is to watch people in wheel chairs try their hardest to climb up a vertical ramp to buy their food. When they have it they enjoy watching them plummet back down the cliff face and land smack bang on their faces.


At first you think what is wrong with this first floor garage, then you look again and BOOM you get it, ah haaaa, they own the worlds first flying car!


The guy who built this house employed the same builder who did the window in the factory above. True story that!


A lovely looking outdoor stair way with stone balustrade leading to the roof top terrace… oh wait what? No it leads into the wall?


This doorway leads to the office of the guy who loves to wear platform shoes, on a work day he wears stilts. He is kinda crazy like that!


This was his previous employers property, they were annoyed, they built it specifically for him and he left after only working there for 8 weeks. Sad but true.


People who use this shopping centre escalator are given a crash helmet to wear and are greeted at the top by an assistant with a glass of water and an asprin.


This window was fitted by a short man who always stood on a box when working off a scaffold, on this day he had things on his mind and hadn’t realised he had stepped one foot of his box resulting in this slightly off level window.


Pirate Pete’s new business venture required a land based office so he had a doorway fitted for when he needed to make his staff walk the plank!


Affordable housing the Spanish way, you get a lovely terrace but to keep the price down you do not get doors or windows.


Somewhere in Brazil lives a tribe of Amazonian women taller than the tallest man, this is where they get their money out ready for those all important Ann Summers or Tupperware parties they enjoy in the middle of the rain forest.


This picture was taken in Middle Earth, we may laugh at this but the Hobbits are so grateful for 24 hour access to their money.


hmmmm… ahhh… errrr…. hmmmm no, not sure about this one either


A one minute walk to the van for the saw or an hour messing around with timbers and tiles, this builder obviously couldn’t grasp the difference or he isn’t a big fan of walking.


Same builder, different house and a similar problem. The van was a little further away so it was a definite no no. So now we know, he isn’t a fan of walking to the van, and who could blame him?


This is beyond stupid to even try and create something mildly amusing. I just wished I was there when they removed the shuttering and realised that they had had a whole week of building shuttering in the same place to realise that they were being complete idiots!


If we build a store room above the radiator no one will come and steal our paper clips and post it notes. It has to be the safest place ever! … and the dumbest!


Back to Eastern Europe where our builders have modelled this on the famous pyramids in Central and South America, the wheel chair users now regularly pop an ollie and are so skilled they put Tony Hawks to shame. They grind down the rails too you know?


No one notices this issue until one day someone found a dead wheel chair user leaning against the steps. She called in via the back door for her pension, came out the front door and down the ramp, got trapped and was found a week later.


And finally, this is the entrance to the Amazonina Women’s embassy at the United Nations headquarters. Believe it or not, that is the worlds tallest man Sven Derman standing at 11’4″ trying to enter to meet Bigasulika his date from Match.com. We hope they make a lovely couple.

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Source: Google Images, Wonderful Engineering.

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