35 Of The Best (Or Worse) Building Fails EVER!


This is beyond stupid to even try and create something mildly amusing. I just wished I was there when they removed the shuttering and realised that they had had a whole week of building shuttering in the same place to realise that they were being complete idiots!


If we build a store room above the radiator no one will come and steal our paper clips and post it notes. It has to be the safest place ever! … and the dumbest!


Back to Eastern Europe where our builders have modelled this on the famous pyramids in Central and South America, the wheel chair users now regularly pop an ollie and are so skilled they put Tony Hawks to shame. They grind down the rails too you know?


No one notices this issue until one day someone found a dead wheel chair user leaning against the steps. She called in via the back door for her pension, came out the front door and down the ramp, got trapped and was found a week later.


And finally, this is the entrance to the Amazonina Women’s embassy at the United Nations headquarters. Believe it or not, that is the worlds tallest man Sven Derman standing at 11’4″ trying to enter to meet Bigasulika his date from Match.com. We hope they make a lovely couple.

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Source: Google Images, Wonderful Engineering.

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