5 Of The Best & Funniest Zombie Pranks Played On The Public

Today we are sticking with our zombie theme and have found 5 of the best and funniest zombie prank videos on YouTube for you guys to enjoy.

What I love about these pranks is not the people who get scared and run but the amount of people who don’t.

A lot of folk laugh and walk away with many of them getting out their mobile phones and film what they see.

This means we as a society do not believe that it would or could happen. Put it this way if it did happen and the zombie apocalypse was real, a lot of people would be killed or turned before the masses accepted it to be real. 🙂

What I also find interesting is the fact we love so many zombie films and TV shows allowing ourselves to really get into them yet find it ridiculous that it could actually be real on the same streets that we walk on.

Anyway enough of the waffle, time to enjoy some great zombie pranks. Enjoy!



Flesh Eating Zombie Attack Prank

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zombies eat brains

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Zombie Attack April Fools Prank 2013

Zombie Elevator Prank – The Rising Dead

The Walking Dead Zombies Prank NYC

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