The 7 Best Home Made Scalextric & Slot Car Tracks In The World… I Want Number 6!!

We blokes are still big kids at heart.

We loved our toys and still do, if we could we would still play with them to this day.

For many it was either a model train set or a slot car set like the famous Scalextric sets.

I used to have a Cops and Robbers one which I played to death but it was never as cool as these tracks.

Those that have remained unmarried such as James-Michael Harlan have been able to create some incredible sets.

scaletric 1

James is 39 and spent 3 years building the incredible White Lake Formula One Ring track which is 145 feet long 1/32 scale track costing a staggering £3,700 ($6,000)

scaletric 2

He spent 7000 hours building his incredible track which has 4 lanes and 19 hair raising bends.

scaletric 4

It includes pit stops, skscrapers, countryside, grandstands, stadiums and believe it or not a 20ft bridge.

scaletric 5

What is even more impressive is that this incredible Scalextric set was built with nothing more than MDF, copper tape, electrical wire and paint along with the models in his basement.

I wouldn’t say no to having this to play with… see it in action in the video below.

White Lake Formula One Ring

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