Are These The Ten Best Acid House Tracks Of The 1980s? A Celebration Of A Modern Phenomena

Maurice Joshua is another legendary Chicago king of acid, originally this was a simple and moody acid track but when it got a remix by Les Adams of UK L.A. Mix fame it took a completely different twist. The deep moody vocals with acid splatterings and back playing samples gave this tune a feel that it had just landed from the future in a time machine.

10. This Is Acid (S&T mix) – Maurice

As I say, there are many more excellent tunes around and I intend to bring them to you in the Phuture… Did you see what I did there?  Long live the acid house. Aciiieeeed…

Now click the next button to go and hear an incredible mix featuring many of these in this list as well as many more acid house classics from 1988 including several by DJ Pierre and his band Phuture who are credited with creating the acid house sound. It is a brilliant mix so go and enjoy.


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