15 Incredibly Adorable Pictures Of Siamese Kittens. Kitten Number 3 Will Melt Your Heart

Today is National Cat Day and so we here at Cools And Fools wanted to celebrate one of our favourite pets by creating a post featuring the most seriously adorable kittens we could find.

We also decided that we would focus on one breed of cat today.

We love Siamese cats and the colouring of these animals is soooooo beautiful and when you see the incredible blue eyes on small and adorable kittens it just makes you happy for the whole day.

Siamese kittens are one of, if not THE, prettiest kittens in the cat world.

Take a look at all of these stunning pictures we found over at Pinterest and try tell us it is not true.

Siamese kittens are simply too cute!

“Soooo are you going to go and do anything productive today or are you going to just sit there and look into my sparkling blue eyes all day admiring how cute I am?” “Yep, sit and and look at you cute kitten”

siamese kitten 15


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