11 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funnies, Fails & Fuck Ups.

If you have not seen the ALS Ice Bucket challenge that is sweeping the world on Facebook then we need to ask where the hell have you been living?

ALS is Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis also referred to as motor neurone disease (MND), this is the horrendous disease that the brilliant physicist Stephen Hawking has.

The challenge came about to raise money and awareness of the disease. It has gone viral and taken the world by storm.

Some say that the ice water was for those who DIDN’T donate money but it has now grown to where people donate, do the challenge then nominate others to do it.

It has raised millions around the world for the charity in the US, the UK version as well as many other charities.

Some people worried about the water wastage have even donated money to water charities to give clean water in third world nations.

Whether you have done it, intend to do it or not bothering you cannot deny that it has been fun to watch.

Here we have 11 of the funniest, strangest and fail ice bucket challenges… I know you will enjoy them, the laugh at the end of the last clip has me in stitches!

11 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Funnies Fails & Fuck Ups   

[youtube id=”ogGu9Z2Movk” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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We do not own the videos and intend no harm but to share them for the fun value that they already are and to raise awarness of this horrendous disease. Please emails us if you want a video removing.

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