Always To Change Colour Of Sanitary Products Packaging To Be More Inclusive To Men

Always have decided to change the colour of the packaging of their sanitary products to appear less ‘womanly’ after receiving one complaint from Englishman Ian Madickhead. 

Always decision to amend the colour of the packaging follows last week’s promise to change their logo to a less feminine one after receiving a handful of complaints from trans gender people who were feeling left out.

Mr I. Madickhead – a straight man believed to be from Lincoln complained that the colours purple and pink were not ‘manly enough’ for him. 

“I don’t like purple or pink, it’s a bit puffy for my liking. I don’t like seeing their packaging on the shelves. It really infuriates me when I have to buy them for the wife.”

“I know I don’t use them personally but I don’t see that as an issue. Especially if a trans gender woman… er man.. or was it a woman… complained that their logo was ‘too femanine’ and managed to get it changed. So I believe they would understand my plight and man-up and face the problem.”

“I am not sure why but my wife keeps calling me a dickhead since my complaint… probably just a play on my name.”

Always released a statement saying ‘they apologise for not respecting the views, wishes and opinions of everyone. We hope that the new grey colour will please everyone, especially those who are colourblind. At least they are now included… depending on what shade they see.”

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