Amazing 3D Sand Art – The 3rd One Really Freaks Me Out!!

While most of us go to the beach to enjoy an ice cream sat in the deck chair, usually with the overcast weather. Jamie Harkins goes to the beach to lark about doing this sensational 3D sand art.

Check out these fantastic pictures below to see for yourself.

He literally transforms the beach into another world, showing it from a different perspective.

He can be seen here sailing across a lake, skateboarding in a swimming pool or even jumping into a small paddling pool!

He teams up with fellow artists to create the works of art.

Hawkins was recently interviewed by the NZ Herald where he said:

We’ve seen other people doing stuff on beaches, but it’s always been geometric, flat shapes, like a pattern, so we thought we’d get into the whole 3D thing,” he said. “And I kind of like the fact that it disappears at the end of the day when the tide comes in. It makes it impermanent.









Pretty awesome hey? Why don’t you try and create some works of art yourself and send them in to us so we can see them.

On second thoughts, please don’t do that.

Check out Jamie’s FB page here

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