19 Creative Notes Left On The Windshields Of Badly Parked Cars Proving That ‘The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword!’

Today we present to you the ‘Windshield Diaries’, the greatest collection of creative notes which were left on the cars of those ‘annoyingly bad parkers’ taking up more than one space or messages to car park attendants and parking officers.

You will see a various styles of messages from a very creative finger painted message using peanut butter to an army of angry potatoes! Yes, I did say an army of angry potatoes!

Once you see these excellent notes you will learn new ways to calmly and creatively vent your anger the next time your car has been boxed in. 

Be inspired and yes of course, the bad parkers out there…. you need to read these!

1. So do you really want another ‘Potato Uprising’, really?


2. What a hilarious invitation to a party!


3. I must say this one is an awesome New Year resolution.


4. Let’s play !rsz_4

5. Enjoy the free peanut butter.

rsz_5 (1)

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