Two Brothers Find Their Grandfathers Abandoned 50 Year Old Car Collection Worth $15 Million


This led to him selling off a large part of the collection and halt restoration work on other cars. The other half of the collection were stored in purpose built structures in the family farm. Look at the picture of this rare Maserati, it is 1 of only 3 in the world. Superb!

And he was so proud of his collection that he made sure to preserve it properly by documentation.

However his son chose not to follow the passion of his father which kept these cars locked away from the rest of the world. Both of them passed away leaving this incredible and unusual collection with an unsure fate


However Bailon’s grandsons came to find out about some property and assets they inherited. Once they saw this rare collection, they were knocked for six when they realised what was in store for them. They were clueless as what to do next?

To find out about the collections true value they contacted Artcurial Motorcars.


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