The New Boeing 797 Can Carry 1000 Passengers! This Will Change Air Travel!

Is it a bird? No.

Is it a plane? No

It’s a bad-ass mother of a plane! These pictures are reportedly leaked from the Phantom Works Research Facility. It shows the newly developed Boeing 797 aircraft.

Is this the future of air travel?

Boasting a seating plan that can accommodate 1000 passengers, this ‘blended wing’ aircraft will reshape the air travel industry.

“The new 797 is Boeing’s direct response to the Airbus A380, which has racked up orders for 159 already.   Boeing decided to kill its 747X Stretched Super Jumbo in 2003 after little interest was shown for it by airline companies, but continued to develop its ‘Ultimate Airbus Crusher’, the 797 at its Phantom Works Research Facility in Long Beach, California.”


“The Airbus A380 had been in the works since 1999 and has accumulated $13 Billion in development costs, which gives Boeing a huge advantage.  More so because Airbus is thus committed to the older style tubular structure for their aircraft for decades to come.”


797 boeing plane1

“There are several big advantages in the ‘Blended Wing & Fuselage’ design, the most important being the lift to drag ratio which is expected to increase by an amazing 50%, resulting in an overall weight reduction of the aircraft by 25%, making it an estimated 33% more fuel efficient than the A380, and thus making the Airbus’s $13 Billion Dollar investment look pretty shaky.”

797 boeing plane2
This is so immense that if you had to pop to the loo you could get lost finding your way back to your seat!
797 boeing plane3
Looks like the floor plan of a cruise ship deck or a UFO!
797 boeing plane4
Is the claim genuine? Well, it would seem not. The scope ran this story a while ago and they claim the whole thing is a hoax. Quite why we don’t know, maybe just plain old marketing.
Or should that be ‘plane’ old marketing.
I will get my coat.

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