Need To Repair Your Car? DO NOT DO IT Like Any Of These 15 Hilarious DIY Car Repair Fails!

“Jack of all trades, master of none”- We have all heard this proverb more than once in our life and this certainly stands true for the people who did these car repairs.

It is not possible for anyone to achieve expert skills in everything, but if you cannot make a competent repair then maybe you should not try and pay for a proper job to be done.

As you will see in the follow pictures an attempt to save a few pennies can actually create a ‘hole’ in your pocket, not only will you need to do get the repairs done properly eventually but you might even get fined by the Police for badly done repairs.

Scroll down to see how ‘doing it yourself’ turned out to be some of the greatest ‘car repair blunders’ of all time…

  1. Statutory warning: Think twice before planning to drive this!


Source- Reddit / Terran180

  1. OMG! Even strings can be a style statement!


Source- Reddit / xsited1

  1. Well I believe in complete security of my ‘car’

3Source- Reddit / 2seannh7

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