Comrade Corbyn To Nationalise Bakeries And Bring Back Queuing For Rations… Says Wetherspoons Resident Political Expert Dave

Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to nationalise bakeries and bring back communist style queuing was revealed today by Dave Dunce the resident political expert at Wetherspoons in Lincoln.

Dave who hosts the What This Country Needs… A Week In Politics show every Friday evening at 9 – sponsored by Stella – revealed that Corbyn was harbouring secret plans to turn Britain into a 1980s communist Russia.

According to Dave, comrade Corbyn was going to take over all bakeries and butcher’s and introduce a ticket only rationing system where each family of 4 was allowed one bread loaf and one pound of mince a week.

Families of 5 or more were allowed to have an extra couple of bread buns and a couple of mince sausages.

Red Corbyn would then actively work the country hard while he and other commie Labour party members lived a lavish life of oppulance and abundance at the party headquarters which will be renamed the Cor-emlin.

Dave also went on to explain how the working man will be taxed to the hilt and left with nothing to spend. Life in Corbyn run Britain will be hard and grim with poverty levels being so bad there will be a damming report written about it by the United Nations. 

In a complete turn around Dave predicted that common items such as clothing like jeans will be in short supply and only available on the black market with many of them being brought into the country by visiting Russian tourists wanting to make an extra couple of rubles. 

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