Are These The Most Dangerous And Crazy School Commutes Ever?!

10. Jerusalem, Israel

Arguably the most powerful picture of them all. This striking photo was taken by Ammar Awad during clashes between Israel and Palestine troops in 2010. It shows the calming walk of a little girl, who is has a determined look on her face that she will get to school. Despite troops seen behind her using protective shields and what looks like a wash of violence around her, she seems oblivious to it all and just carries on her commute to class. Amazing.



These pictures certainly put it all into perspective. The whining complaints of “having to go to school”, forgetting your pen, could not make it on time, the dog ate my homework. Children of the western world do not really know how lucky they are. I expect the most perilous part of their journey is crossing the road or making sure they get to the bus stop on time.

The thing is the children in these pictures probably appreciate the education they get way more.

And they have to fight and risk a darn sight more to get it.


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