The Adorably Cute & Wonderful Street Chalk Art By David Zinn

Today we want to showcase some more adorably art from one of Cools&Fools favourite street artists David Zinn. David is one of many artists that use chalk to create incredibly cute and realistic looking street art which has a 3D feel. It is called anamorphic 3D street art and we showcase quite a bit of it here on the site from many artists so make sure to look at our other posts.

We have showcased some of David’s work before featuring his incredibly cute character called Sluggo On The Street, you can see those images at then end of this post and they are well worth seeing. Sluggo does appear in one of the images in this collection too. Scroll through to see all of the images and enjoy!

david zinn sluggo 1

david zinn sloggo 2

david zinn sluggo 3

david zinn sluggo 4

david zinn sluggo 5


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