Dawn Of The Shed: This Is Unreal, UK Company Design Zombie Proof Home. Must See!

With the popularity of zombie TV and films it seems there are a lot of people who actually fear zombies and many have often thought about what they would do if there were to be a real zombie apocalypse.

There isn’t going to be one even as the world is gripped with Ebola fear, zombies are not real but that has not stopped one shed company in Leeds UK for designing a zombie proof home and shelter.

You can have this incredible zombie proof shelter for the affordable sum of £69,995 but if you want CCTV cameras, solar panels and riot gear you will need to find an extra £20,780.

Which is nothing really, when it comes to zombies you cannot put a price on safety right?

The so called Zombie Fortification Cabin comes with an escape hatch, an indoor garden, a weapons store (vital) and a full 360 view point.

This comes with a 10 year anti zombie guarantee.

Water cannon and flame thrower is optional but will cost extra.

zombie day of the shed 1

As we say in England ‘An Englishman’s home is his castle’ or in this case his ‘home is his Zombie Fortification Cabin‘. For a total of £90,000 you can have an incredible zombie proof home that is run on solar power and comes with its own weapons storage.

zombie day of the shed 2

The only major flaw is that weapons are not readily available in the UK as they are in the USA so you might need to make do with a catapult, an axe and a pitch fork.

zombie day of the shed 3

The ZFC1 as it is better known has not yet been officially built as there have not been any buyers but the idea has caught the attention of social media and the manufacturers website has had a flood of reviews including these…

One, Shaun of the Dead, called it the ‘Winchester of Log Cabins’ adding: ‘In my time I’ve had little respect as an electronics shop employee, with no real direction in life. But when I bought this Zombie proof log cabin I became the envy of all my neighbours!

‘It’s big enough for me as well as my girlfriend and rather vulgar unemployed best friend (who could quite easily be mistaken for a zombie!). With this, any potential zombie apocalypse which could overwhelm the town, I’ll have a nice cup of tea and wait for it all to blow over.’

Even a disgruntled zombie left a comment: ‘I officially HATE this zombie proof log cabin!!

‘Having roamed our way through the land mines, in just about one piece, a cluster of us avoided the flamethrowers and made it to the walls. No matter what we tried (eating through the walls, climbing to the roof etc) we just couldn’t break in.

‘Unfortunately, as time wore on it became obvious this was a lost cause and some 28 days later we gave up.’

zombie day of the shed 4

The cabin also has an instruction poster on how to kill the undead found in the weapons lock up designed to store your guns and bombs.

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