Dawn Of The Shed: This Is Unreal, UK Company Design Zombie Proof Home. Must See!

The idea for the Zombie Fortification Cabin was dreamed up by Leeds firm Tiger Log Cabins. They say that they have not yet had any sales but there have been some ‘serious’ enquiries from people living in America… Really?

Managing Director Ross Moran told the mail online ‘We’ve had a few people from America interested who are taking it a bit literally. They’re thinking about having it on their ranch.’

He added: ‘Obviously it’s a bit of a joke but the cabin is buildable. So if we get someone who’s

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The zombie cabin idea came about after a chat in the office between staff discussing what would happen if there was a zombie apocalypse…

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Marketing director Jack Sutcliffe said: ‘The conversation went from there and one of the team jokingly suggested that we would all be OK because we could just build ourselves a special log cabin and all hide in there. From there the idea was born and we thought “well, why not”.’

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There is one possible problem and that is that no one knows what the planning laws are when it comes to building a shelter ready for the zombie apocalypse… Mr Moran conceded: ‘We’d have to say what we tell all our customers – check with your local authority because they all have different rules, even when it comes to preventing a deadly swarm of the undead’.

If the zombie apocalypse were to happen then you might want to get a few tips from these guys who run a zombie survival course… yes you read that right… thes guys run a zombie survival course. As we say in the UK… only in America.

Zombie Survival Course


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Original Source:Daily Mail

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