Fascist Racist Nazis Close Legoland. This Is Appalling!

Legoland Windsor in the UK had to close its hotel and theme park after receiving numerous threats by far right fascist and racist groups.

The operators were appalled at the threats made to their staff over a planned Muslim group’s family fun day. The event was planned for Thursday March 6th but was cancelled for safety reasons.

A Muslin group had planned a family day at the theme park but due to the threats Legoland were forced to close the hotel for the weekend.


The Legoland resort hotel is just a few miles away from Windsor Castle.


The Muslim Research and Development Foundation (MRDF) had organised the private event and expected over 4,000 people to attend but after receiving many threats from far right groups and, let’s be honest here, idiots, the fun day was cancelled on February  24.

lego-dragon-guarding-llwr-hotel-1-252x337Legoland then went one step further and decided to close the hotel for the whole weekend to prevent any harm to its staff or guests in case some clown hadn’t realised that the fun day was actually cancelled.

The Berkshire theme park opened its gates to the public for the 2014 season last Friday (March14th.)

A spokesperson for Legoland said the park had received a substantial number of threats by numerous far right groups who were “relentlessly and aggressively online and via the telephone”.

“The safety and security of our guests and our members of staff has to be our number one priority, which is why we’ve made the difficult decision to close the hotel,” she said.


Before the event was cancelled a BNP supporter and blogger said Legoland should be “ashamed of themselves for bowing to these Muslims”. He stated “This is disgusting and should NOT be allowed to go ahead.

“If someone would organise a white Christian-only day, people would be up in arms, calling them racist and God knows what, but no one says a thing when it’s Muslims.”

A Legoland spokesperson said that a picture of a Muslim Legoland worker was posted on Facebook along with an offensive comment.

The far right callers were told that Legoland would hire out the park to them because “We certainly do not discriminate in any way.”

What is really sad about this situation is that the organisers of the event had invited friends and family of all faiths to join them. The MRDF said the fun day was “open to people of all faiths and backgrounds”, as were many of the events its holds designed to bring communities closer together.


A statement was released saying: “Although we worked hard with Legoland to find a solution to the threats and negative press, Legoland made the decision to cancel the event as they could not guarantee the safety of the attendees and their staff.”

Legoland stated full refunds would be issued to those who had booked to stay at the hotel that weekend. “We are extremely sorry that we’ve had to cancel guest bookings and whole heartedly understand the disappointment of those families that will be unable to attend,”

Thames Valley Police were investigating the threats and said abusive and threatening messages would not be tolerated. The Police are trying to determine whether any offence has been committed under the Malicious Communications Act (1988) in connection with offensive messages posted on social media.


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Story and Image Sources: Sky News , Wikipedia & Wikipedia

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