Fuel And Fools A One Way Ticket To A Mouthful Of “Dirty Diesel”

You have to almost feel sorry for this pair of dimwitted fuel thieves, they obviously didn’t study the bus manual before embarking on their crime.

So Boys and Girls here is a little tip so that you remain Cool and and don’t become a Fool .

Always read the label and do you homework !

The hapless thieves spotted the bus parked up in Laverton, central West Australia, In the early hours of the morning the dynamic duo decided to strike.

Unbeknown to the “Fuel Fools “ the bus had multiple tanks and they decided to put their Syphon into the buses on board sewage tank, so instead of getting a mouthful of Shells finest Diesel they got a great  gobful of turd-tastic shit!

Local police discovered the botched attempt a few hours later whilst doing their early morning patrol.

“ We can safely say they made a very hasty retreat, with a bittersweet taste in their mouths.”

Said a Laverton officer.

Unsurprisingly the police have no interest in trying to retrieve the stolen goods, But if you do come across someone who’s breath smells of shit please get in touch.

So be Cool and Not a Fool.


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