These Are Probably The 10 Funniest Things You Will See All Day!

6). The bin that empties itself all over the street before magically refilling and then doing it all over again! Amazed at how the street miraculously cleans itself up after every empty too!

bin lorry

7). What happens when you cross basket ball skills with stepping onto a chair skill? The funniest face plant to concrete that’s what!


8). The world famous “show us how strong you are by lifting this bag of cement high over your head while I stand suspiciously close with a sharp knife soft lad” This prank never fails to make me laugh at how stupid some men really are 🙂


9). The missus complained that he spent all of his time on his bike and that she ‘had needs’ and needed some affection and fore play now and then. Not sure nipple clipping by a bike tyre was what she was hoping for!


10). “No way dude, nah-ha ,you didn’t just catch that did you?” ” Yeah I fucking did dude!” “Shiiiiit dude!” … isn’t that how they all speak over in the US?

Did you just catch that




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