14 Images Only Nurses Will Understand. You Will Definitely Agree With #8

The Nurse. The unsung heroes of the world. We will always be in debt to these wonderful people, no matter what you all think. You owe nurses everything.

The nurses are there to pick up the pieces, they are there to drain your blood, they will wash you, they will bathe you, administer your medication, have a chat, bring you a coffee and most likely take more crap than anyone else in the hospital.

And yet they do it all with a smile on their face and a modest wage.

But we love them.

They don’t complain (well, in front of patients) – they just get their scrubs on and get down and dirty.

We are here today to celebrate the wonderful job they do in this honorable profession.

And what better way to celebrate it than a selection of images that those great nurses will be able to relate too. If you are not from the nurse profession you may want to take notes.

I can guarantee 100% of nurses will have at least experienced one of these…..

So next time you end up on the ward – be nice.

To all nurses, we salute you!

funny nurse meme


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