25 Funny Images EVERY Police Officer Will UNDERSTAND! No 4 Is The TRUTH!

We here at Cools And Fools have the utmost respect for the police.

They do a very hard job dealing with very dangerous criminals who do not care about the safety of other people or other people’s property.

They have to deal with the anger of the public when one or two bad apples tarnish the good name of the police.

They have to brunt the full force of the public when they are rioting and protesting about some dodgy government decision.

They have to face angry mobs who are wanting to fight and clash over opinions or even sporting teams?!?!

They have to deal with weapon carrying people who are high on drugs.

They have to deal with the gruesome fallout of traffic accidents when they are the first on the scene.

And they are continuously scrutinised from everyone and every angle so yes they do get it tough and we think they deserve some respect and a chuckle!

So if you are a police officer or work in any of the worlds police forces please scroll through these images and have a chuckle on us!

funny police 27

Ahhhh yes, you gotta love the deceptive attempts of this guy. He was hoping that when he was stood next to the police car his camouflage clothing would make him disappear!


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