Great Britain To Be Renamed The Fourth Reich After Shocking Tory Election Win

Shock hit the good people of Britain when the Conservative party won a landslide victory in this week’s general election – the 3rd in 5 years.

Boris Johnson remains the prime minister of Great Britain and his first task since the election is to unveil the new name for modern Britain.

Great Britain will be renamed the Fourth Reich. Something which won’t come as a surprise to the rest of the world due to the increase in hate crimes since the referendum. 

The prime minister himself has caused outrage with his descriptions of minorities in the county including saying Muslim women looked like ‘letterboxes’ when wearing their headdresses and gay men were ‘tank top wearing bum boys’.

In the 1930s Germany attempted to build the Third Reich using hate but failed. But for a while many people believed the words of a short dark haired dark eyed weedy Austrian man when he talked bollocks about the German people being a tall muscular strong blue eyed and blonde haired warrior race, and that all minorities where to blame for them being… shit.

“It seems that the British are now falling for a similar type of bullshit on an unbelievable scale.” Said Professor S. Lapthetwats from the University of Icantbelieveitshappening.

“Where the Germans failed we can succeed,” said C. Unthead, Conservative MP for Scunthorpe Far Right. “The Fourth Reich will be far superior to the one attempted by Johnny Foreigner. It will be great because it is being built by the British. Making Britain Great Again and Get Brexit Done… and all that.”

Many Britons have already started selling personal belongings and borrowing money to raise cash to pay traffickers to smuggle them out of the country.

“My grandad fought in the second world war for this country. He fought against fascism and racism. To now find myself living in a fascist state is offensive to his memory and sacrifice.” Said Anne Noid. “I won’t be staying. I am going to head to Syria or somewhere else warm and safe. Them tories are a bunch of cunts… end off.”

Anne Noid had to dash off mid interview to meet with a Europe bound Irish lorry driver who was saving her a place in a container fridge.

“I have upgraded from the £2000 package to the deluxe £3000 package where they will put me closer to an air vent. Toodaloo” She shouted as she left.

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