I Want THIS! Incredible Hand Built Dream Bubble Home Took Only 6 Weeks To Build!

We have a great story for you today, this is incredible, and within 6 weeks one guy had taken an empty plot of land and built his dream home.

The majority of people when asked to imagine their dream home would no doubt visualize a large spacious and expensive home with a lot of open ground worth multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Steve Areen decided to build his dream home on a plot of land given to him by a friend who owned a Mango farm in Thailand. He only had to find around 9000 US dollars.

After just six weeks he had a home that everyone would love to own.


He had help from a Thai friend and a family member. the three of them worked hard and made good progress.


Steve’s friend¬†Hajjar Gibran owns a Mango farm and gave Steve a small plot of land where he has built his dream home.


The main building structure cost only $6000.


Materials may cost a lot less in Thailand than the US or UK but it is still incredible when you realise how little it cost to build this home.



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