Is This Legal? The “Human” Bakery In Thailand. WARNING – Gruesome Photos

The world is full of the weird and wonderful, and then there is the downright insane. At first glance you would think that this bakery in Thailand was one of them. Deep in the Ratchaburi Province there is a quiet family run bakery, however if you think you are going to pop in here and pick yourself up a loaf of your favourite sliced medium then think again.

As you walk in you may be mistaken from walking into a scene from a horror film! There are what appears to be “human” body parts hanging everywhere from meat hooks. WTF!?

Now we should warn you here – this post contains graphic images, in fact I would not suggest letting the little ones see this. Not that they are regular readers of Cools and Fools no doubt, but its just a warning.

So, back to the human parts. What looks to be something from a serial killer dungeon is actually just BREAD! – Yes, edible bread. It is the work of Kittiwat Unarrom, who is a fine arts student!

These sculptures are his work after many years visiting forensic museums and using his memory from his anatomy books. He started off by doing more traditional art like portraits but quickly developed a love for mixed media and then finally (and bizarrely) moved on to dough. The perfect fit as his family already had the bakery.

To obviously satisfy his customer base – which must be slightly off the rails, he doesn’t just do heads anymore. Now he has broadened the menu and does hands, feet and full torsos!

Check out the pictures. Remember, its just BREAD.

Human Food bakery store in Bangkok

“I`ll just take the second foot from the left please. Oh, and while I am here I will have a custard doughnut”

"Human" Feet on sale as bread in bakery in Thailand

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