Makers Of Idiocracy Film Apologise For Making A Blueprint To Modern Life

The creators of the cult film Idiocracy have this week apologised for creating a film which people are now using as a social blueprint. It would appear that in certain parts of the world, democracy has been replaced with idiocracy.

The intention of the film was to be nothing more than a comedy, a lighthearted prediction of what society could be if the more stupid part of the population out bred the inteligent part. Based on observations of what the filmmakers Mike Judge and Etan Cohen had been seeing in society today. 

“We had no idea that it would get this bad!” Mike said at the recent State Of The Planet press conference held in Stoopidville USA.”It was only meant to be a bit of fun, we never expected that the United States and the United Kingdom would actually adopt it as a new blueprint for society.”

“When Donald Trump was voted in as President of the USA we just looked at each other and thought ‘what the actual fuck?’” Said Etan. “But then look at the UK, with Brexit and Boris Johnson being voted in as Prime Minister… we just couldn’t get our heads around it all.”

“I mean… these are notions and people who have been voted in by stupid people,” said Mike. “An ill informed voter, void of facts and truths is more deadly to society than a pissed off high school outsider packing a semi-automatic rifle.”

Apologising, Etan said “We would like to wholeheartedly apologise to the good people of the world for creating something which rednecks, fascists and gammons of the English speaking nations thought was a good political move.” We never actually expected anyone would embrace Idiocracy with enthusiastic open arms. Let alone use it as a political ideology and a blue print for society.”

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