Melbourne The City Of Vibrant Colours: 30 Incredible Graffiti Pieces From The City They Call Melburn

At least two of us here in the C&F offices love street art and we follow a lot of great graffiti artists online.

Recently I have been seriously impressed at the quality of work and styles coming out of Australia and especially out of the city Melbourne which has been renamed Melburn due to the amount and quality of burners there is in and around the city.

I have sourced 30 of the best pieces posted by our friends at TheBestOfMelbourneGraffiti over on Facebook.

Please note this is not THE BEST 30 images but 30 OF THE BEST images, I really could have been there all evening going through their pictures.

I am told they post 99.9% Melbourne pics with some from other areas so we might have accidentally posted a few from other Australian cities, for that we apologise as they do not say where they come from exactly but as true graff lovers I am sure you won’t really care as long as it is good.

We name no names, the guys over on Facebook can do that if you want to know who the pieces are by, we just want to celebrate the colours, the styles and the lettering of these incredible pieces.

Enjoy the pics guys and remember share any you like and pop over to the Melbourne graff page on Facebook and tell them we told you to say hello.

melburn graff 1

melburn graff 2

melburn graff 3

melburn graff 4

melburn graff 5


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