What’s Down This Little Man Made Hole? Would You Believe It Was A Millionaire’s Home?

1Nowadays almost half of our salary is lost paying hefty home mortgage fees and insurances.

Do you know what many business tycoons and millionaires do? They buy luxury bunkers to live in!

But not just any old bunker… These are the most elegant and luxurious bunker homes which set new standards as far as high- class living is concerned.

At the cutting edge of this popular trend, Atlas Survival Shelters build some classic bunkers and not surprisingly most of them are underground.

Looking at its minimalist front door you wouldn’t believe that there was something much beneath it.

But wait before you rush out and buy your very own luxury bunker make sure you get some insurance.

There is high risk of potential ‘natural damage’ from things like flooding and earthquakes and we strongly recommend insurance after all “Prevention is better than a cure”

Ok enough advice; let’s go through what this ‘Amazingly beautiful’ bunker has in store for us!

Atlas decided on this concept of a single entrance with double exits for emergencies. Great idea!

A bunker being taken to a client ready for burying.


After the excavation, the Atlas team visit the site with the custom built pods to be built as per the requirement of the prospective buyers.


You will be amazed to know that  team workers go down using a mudroom and stairwell taking them down deep inside. Well this sounds a bit claustrophobic for me!


 Voila! It is so spacious almost close to a normal home. Welcome to the man cave!


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