You Won’t Believe What New York Does With Their Old Unwanted Subway Cars… This Is Incredible!

In New York City thousand of passenger travels across the city to various locations on the famous Subway.

Have you ever wonder what happens to all of the old, worn out and broken subway cars?

Are they melted down or recycled again to be reused?

Some might but not all of them, you will be amazed to know what really does happen to a lot of the old subway cars.1

Many of them end up with a final resting place at the bottom of the ocean. Surprising is it?

It actually happens in New York which has this innovative system for dumping old and worn out subway cars into the ocean.

This amusing practice is brought to the attention of the masses by the great photographer Stephen Marllon. He researched and documented this interesting practice with photography.

So you might be thinking that surely this creates environmental hazards but it actually corrects problems caused by ‘waste water’.


Marllon discovered that human activity in the form of ‘waste water’ which is full of pesticides, insecticides and other wastes from the city is responsible for contaminating the sea. This contamination severely affected the ocean floor and coral reefs.


To rectify and correct this damage the worn out carriages were thrown into the Atlantic Ocean. This led to the formation of artificial reefs, providing a natural habitat for marine creatures to flourish creating entirely new ecosystems in years to come.


This incredible act of placing these subway carriages in to the sea has given that much needed boost to the restoration of the coral reef.


Mallon’s wonderful images helped to bring this hardly known practice to the attention to everyday people around New York and the rest of the world.


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Kudos to New York City’s vision and impressive act to save the environment in its waters.


This bewildering odd practice gives a new hope for endangered marine lives.


Look at this incredible picture, it’s really amazing to see how these discarded subway cars are now new homes for schools of fish, corals, crustaceans and other aquatic lives.

This is simply ‘mind-blowing’!

Have you ever come across such an incredible and strange idea where the preservation of nature is be done in such an awe-inspiring way?

This is a new one to me, but to say that I am impressed is an understatement.

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