OMG Time Flies! I Cannot Believe These Ten Things Are 20 Years Old! Unbelievable!

Time flies as they say, it is hard to believe but it is true, these ten very popular things are now 20 years old and it is hard to believe.

In 1994 I was the tender age of 21 and I still find it hard to believe that what I am going to share with you now is 20 … yes 20! years old!

Ok so make a quick coffee, sit down and take a trip down memory lane. 🙂

1. Oasis Release Their Debut Album  Definitely Maybe.

It doesn’t feel that long when I was first introduced to the warring Gallagher brothers of the Mancunian Indie band Oasis. I first saw them in the King Tuts Wah Wah Tent at the first T In The Park Festival in Glasgow. Later that year they released the incredible Definitely Maybe album which is incredible considering I am a dance and techno music lover I love it a lot.

There are rumours that there could be a reunion, does that excite you? To be honest I haven’t heard much of their recent stuff so in my mind they are still together! lol

2. PJ & Duncan Let’s Get Ready To Rumble.

Popular TV presenters Ant & Dec were child TV stars from the popular Byker Grove show that was based in Newcastle.

Their popularity with the teenage girls had record companies begging them to release cool hip music for the kids on the street and that is what they did under their Byker Grove character names PJ & Duncan. Their first hit Let’s Get Ready To Rumble was a big hit for them hitting the number one spot in the UK charts.

3. Whigfield’s Saturday Night

It is hard to believe that this is 20 years old and was the Gangham Style of our generation.

Unfortunately it isn’t as good as Gangham Style. Whigfield who comes from Denmark (lovely country btw) had a couple of hits in 1994 this being her biggest. I personally preferred her ‘Think Of You’ which was just as cheesy.

Whigfield had a string of Europop hits across Europe in the mid 1990’s, fortunately the UK only had to endure a few of them 🙂

4. Four Weddings And A Funeral

Believe it or not, Hugh Grant was a very popular man and his films were also very popular, you know the ones… where he played the same character in them, wooden with a floppy haircut.

Well this was a huge film and it propelled Hugh into the limelight which must have been so stressful that he went looking for comfort in the name of a car based blow job from a hooker called Divine Brown, while he was dating ‘phwoooar’ Liz Hurley! Oh to be successful!

5. Kurt Cobain Committed Suicide.

Yes, it is 20 years when we all heard the sad news that Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain committed suicide by shooting himself. Nirvana were a popular band at the time and one of the most influential bands of all time.

Their Seattle grundge sound inspired many of the musicians we have today. It is quite sad when you think of what music we ‘never got to hear’ because of Kurt’s death.

If he was still alive today we would have 20 years of incredible music. 🙁

6. The Lion King

I first saw ‘The Lion King’ in Copenhagen Denmark, no I wasn’t out there looking for Whigfield either. This classic Disney tear jerker where we first met Simba was released in 1994. Mathew Broderic, Jeremy Irons and James Earl Jones lent their voices to this timeless classic.

It was also the first time we were introduced to the lovable Timon & Pumbaa who have become more popular than the main characters of the original film.

7. Parklife by Blur

In 1994 the battle was on, you were either a Blur fan or an Oasis fan. Who was the best? Soft Southern E popping Damon or Liam the coke sniffing, brawling and swearing Manc?

This was the UKs very own version of the US East Coast/West Coast rivalry without the drive by shootings. It was more North vs South and to be honest was made out to be more than what it really was by the music mags than the fans themselves.

We actually liked both bands and their music. Parklife by Blur was released in April, and Definitely Maybe by Oasis was released in August.

This was Blur’s 3rd album, their first ‘Leisure’ was released in 1991.

8. Pulp Fiction

I love this film and believe it or not I also saw this in Copenhagen. It was quite a busy week away. This film has become a cult classic and helped bring John Travolta back into the limelight rejuvenating his career.

No one knows how many people were inspired to keep a family member called ‘the Gimp’ locked up in a cellar after this film. I imagine trips to Amsterdam increased that year too.

9. cK one

1994 saw Calvin Klein release his first uni-sex perfume which became a massive hit. Personally I hate it, it reminds me of weak oranges and why would I want to smell like a woman and why would a woman want to smell like a bloke? It doesn’t make sense to me.

I guess it is ideal for those who want to cheat on their partners just as long as the person they are cheating with wears ck one.

10. Friends

1994 was the year Friends was created and first appeared on TV. It ran for ten seasons and ended in 2004. It felt like it went on forever, all of the re runs certainly make it feel that way.

I enjoyed the first few seasons but then realised I had lost several years and wanted my life back so stopped watching it when the cast hit their 60’s I think. 🙂

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