What These Two Selfless Guys Did For Their Community Is Too Wonderful For Words

11) A look at the scene behind the machines including chemical pumps and air ducting pipes for the dryers all of which will not be seen when all of the machines are installed.

homeless washing machine van 12

12) The two machines sat on their platform facing out of the back doors. The tow bar to pull the trailer is now also fitted.

homeless washing machine van 13

13) Lucas Patchett one of the founders standing proud against the Orange Sky Laundry van watching it all come together nicely.

homeless washing machine van 1

14) The other founder Nicholas Marchesi standing against the Orange Sky Laundry van set up on location.

homeless washing machine van 14

15) One of Brisbane’s 300 people who are forced to sleep rough using the Orange Sky Laundry van to wash his clothing and bedding.

homeless washing machine van 15

Stories like this make me feel really humbled and realise that the world needs more people like Lucas, Nicholas and the Orange Sky Laundry organisation.

We are so fortunate to have a home with comfy furniture and hot and cold running water available to us everyday but there are many in this world who do not have a place that they can call home where they can have at least one nights sleep feeling safe.

Orange Sky Laundry may not be able to provide shelter but they can at least make the 300 homeless people in their city of Brisbane feel cleaner and sleep in clean bedding. It is a small thing to us but a huge thing for them.  Good on you lads.


homeless dumpster homes

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Original Source: reddit.com & Orange Sky Laundry

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