Look Closely At This Pond: You Will Absolutely Love It When You Discover It’s Secret Truth

Would you like to have this swimming pool in your garden?

Sorry did I say swimming pool? I mean swimming pool!

Yes that is right this is the wonderful idea of creating natural swimming pools which look like ponds that not only add value to your property but they make them look a whole lot better.

I am not a big fan of the look of swimming pools in gardens; they look a bit out of place and clinical in many cases. But these I really love. In a nut shell… I WANT ONE!

David Pagan Butler is helping people to create wonderful looking swimming pools in their gardens with a lot of character and charm.

The pond/swimming pool you see below would be a fantastic addition to any home. Long summers days would be great swimming and chilling around this pool.


It looks really calm, relaxing and serene.


Imagine relaxing around this? A pool like this attracts wonderful wildlife to the garden.


There is more to this than what the eye sees.


It looks like a pond but has a special built area designed for swimming and frolicking in.


I can see myself chilling around this pond/pool at night 🙂

What is so special about these ponds/swimming pools that David creates is that they are all natural. They are called Organic Pools; they are environmentally friendly and allow the natural growth of wildlife around them.

“The nutrient level in an organic pool is carefully restricted so competition for the limiting nutrient (usually phosphorous) is fierce. In these circumstances, pond plants outperform algae, keeping it suppressed and barely hanging in at the margins. A pond, low in nutrients, is a healthy environment for wildlife. An organic pool is teeming with life.”

These pools are created in such a way that they allow people to safely swim in them and allow plant growth.


Unlike normal swimming pools chemicals are not required as the plants and animals that are attracted to these pools prevent the growth of algae.


A pool under construction, you can buy guides and DVDs on how to build your own from their website.


The important thing to remember is that the water is clean and hygienic. It is as natural as nature intended.


Built properly the water not only benefits the wildlife it will be safe to drink… not that we would want to or encourage you to 🙂


Imagine all of the fun you can have with one of these pools. Add a slide and your children would have a great time. BBQs set around these pools would make a fantastic pool party on a summers afternoon.

If you have enough room in your garden then why not consider building one of these stunning looking pools which are also good for wildlife and the environment as well as looking  seriously cool. It will be your very own little secret haven with no one else around for miles.

You can learn more about Organic Pools UK by visiting their website Organic Pools

Remember these are great for the environment and a lot LOT more cheaper to build than conventional swimming pools so please share this information using the buttons below. Go on, you know you want to 😉

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