One Man’s Incredible Way To Make The Point… We All Deserve Love & Hugs.

We are all human, we all need to feel loved and enjoy the warm embrace of close friends, families and special loved ones.

Unfortunately the downside to the human race is that sometime we judge people on appearance and keep them at arm’s length.

Often scared to get close to someone and get to know them as a human being, as the person they really are.

In this incredible video created by the Swiss organisation Pro Infirmis who help people with disabilities, a man dressed up as a huge cuddly bear stands in the market square offering out free loving hugs and cuddles.

Underneath the cute cuddly bear suit hides the real person.

Jung von Matt/Limmat: Pro Infirmis Get closer.

Very powerful eh? We are all human and all equal, let us not forget that. Everyone deserves a hug and love.

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Original Source: Viral Nova

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