13 Seriously Bad Home Do It Yourself Fails You Simply Won’t Believe

We at Cools And Fools love looking at fails and one place where you will see plenty of fails is in the family home.

Many of us love to do a spot of DIY or Do It Yourself as it is know, people love to do a real good job and take pride in what they do.

They love to have a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment after doing a great job that is not their usual trade and at the same time love the fact that they have saved a fair bit of money too by not having a real tradesman come and do the work.

Then there are the others who have to do some DIY out of need and necessity more than by choice. Things happen in the home and they need to make repairs or build some item of furniture and no matter how hard they try… they still manage to fail in a spectacular fashion!

These 13 Do It Yourself fails are brilliant and you are going to laugh out loud at them as well as nod your head in respect to some of the more ingenious ones.

Scroll through the images using the nav buttons below. Enjoy

diy fail 1

1. I am not sure whether to class this as a fail or a genius success… when you are in need of a new handle and you have nothing to hand… improvise… that is what the A-Team would do…maybe this is in one of their homes!


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