Two Elephants Are Reunited After 25 Years Performing In Captivity. WARNING – Emotional…..

The world can be an bad place, we know this. And having animals “perform” to the paying public is one of these bad things. What we have here is a quite remarkable video.

It tells the tale of two elephants who are reunited for the first time in 25 years.

They were both circus performing elephants, chained up, caged up then ruthlessly worked to performs acts well outside of their natural comforts.

Shirley, the older of the two was freed. Unfortunately she was left crippled after the years of abuse, but she is still able to get around and be herself.

Although somewhat in the shell of herself – before this video she has not been in contact or seen another elephant in over 2 decades.

The response is quite remarkable.

After the initial meet and greet with Tara goes well she is then introduced to her captive buddy Jenny, she was just an infant when they first met at the circus.

Maybe Shirley took her in under her wing and protected her?

This video of their reunite is amazing, how anyone could do this to these wonderful creatures is beyond us.

Big thumbs up to Soloman too, he was involved in the release of Shirley and looked after her for many years. His words were “I do not know who put the first chain on her, but I sure know it was me who removed the last. She is free at last”

Get your tissues ready.


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