What Do The Feared Stormtroopers Of The Evil Empire Do When Lord Vader Is Not At Home? Enter Talent Shows And Dance Of Course!

Stormtroopers are the feared foot soldiers of the Evil Empire trying to take over the Universe.


Wherever they go they are always shooting things up, pushing people around or looking for droids but what do these feared evil warriors do when they have some down time or when the Dark Lord Vader is not at home on the Death Star?

Well it seems that when they get a spare afternoon they like to boogie on down to some RnB and shake what their clone mummy gave them and twirl their tushes to Beyonce on talent shows.

As seen on the very popular Britain’s Got Talent show this week the dance act called Boogie Storm took to the stage and did a dance that not only wowed the audiences and the judges but it also resulted in the Dark Sith Lord Simon Cowell hitting the special Gold Buzzer sending the dancing stormtroopers through to the finals.

So here you go; Stormtroopers dancing on Britain’s Got Talent! Watch the video and enjoy the Stormtroopers do their thang and shaking their asses!

It would seem that these Stormtroopers were using the force that night, the force of TV. They were excellent though wasn’t they?

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SourceYouTube: BGT

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