This Is What A $6 Million Super Yacht Looks Like When It Capsizes On Delivery!

Imagine it, you have just won the lottery and you have decided to treat yourself to a little yacht – or rather a $6 Million Dollar super yacht.

So – you have been losing sleep just thinking about all those new sea fairing adventures you are going to be taking on. Fishing trips, out with the grand kids, days out with the family in the sun – great times.

Then the day comes, you put on your deck shoes and drive down to the boat yard where your new wonder of joy is due to arrive.

Then she comes round the corner, gleaming and new, the wheel has never been touched.

“Lets get her in…..”

Then this happens…..




A super yacht that took two years to build capsizes on entry!

One of the workers on site had this to say: The boat tilted to one side, and although not unusual, the amount of tilt was a bit more than normal. So we paused to collect ourselves and assure that everything was going to be right, and then as we continued to lower it down, it pitched, and that’s when it went over.

So, the owner obviously wont be too pleased when someone filmed the whole thing and posted it to Youtube!

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