25 Of The Best & Funniest Epic Tattoo Fails! What On Earth Was #8 Thinking?

Many people have tattoos, many people think they are cool and that by having tattoos will make them cool. Well, for most people a well designed and professionally done tattoo can look cool… it is such a shame that the following 25 tattoos were not designed or done well leaving the owners of the tattoos looking more foolish than cool.

Seriously, you need to see number 8… what was she thinking?!?!

Scroll through all of these incredible and epic tattoo fails using the navigation buttons below the images and enjoy.

1. ‘Hello Kitty’ or should we say ‘Hello Shitty’

tattoo fail 1

I cannot decide which is worst, the Hello Kitty, The Pac Man tattoo or the line down the face… What do you think?


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