You Won’t Believe What This Married Female Special Education Teacher Offered As A Prize! Unbelievable!

Well this didn’t happen when I went to school, if it did I am sure my grades would not have improved much but I would certainly have enjoyed school more! 🙂

When I was at school all I was offered was a book voucher as a prize for doing well!

OK so this is what happened…

Teacher Offered Sex For Doing Well At Basketball & Had Sex With 5 Students

Summer Michelle Hansen 31 of Corona California was charged with the statutory rape of 5 underage boys. The high school special education teacher who is married with 3 kids is charged with 16 felony counts of alleged sex crimes with minors.

Summer Hansen pleaded not guilty and said that she was being set up by the boys who she believes were working together against her.

According to the Press-Enterprise, Hansen sent victims “sexual text messages and cellphone photos that showed her in her underwear.” KTLA reports that the prosecution’s case will rely heavily on those photos as evidence.

summer michelle hansen2In one case Hansen is said to have exchanged sexually suggestive text messages with one of the students that ended with her offering him sex as a prize for doing well in a baseball game.

The mother of three is now sporting light brown hair which is drastically different to the peroxide blonde she had when she was arrested last summer.

The five boys were all under 18 and attended the same school of Centennial High School Corona in California but none of them were her students. She is accused of having sex with the boys in her classroom, the school utility closet, her car and at one of the boys’ homes.

Her defence attorney David Cohn says that the boys are coordinating their stories. Speaking to local summer michelle hansen1station KTLA Mr Cohn said ‘Do teenagers lie? Sure they do. Do they say something and then really believe it and move forward? Yes,’

‘These boys all know each other. If they didn’t know each other and had no connection to each other, then you would start to wonder.’

KTLA TV News Report

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Defence attorney Mr Cohn told a local newspaper that Hansen’s phone was hacked “She actually went to the phone company twice, changed her phone twice,” Cohn told the newspaper at the time. “She went to the school … people were receiving texts, emails and photographs from her that she states she did not send.”

summer michelle hansen court

In court she didn’t seem to worried by it all as you can see with her beaming smiles.

Hansen was suspended without pay and told to stay away from any children except her own. This does seem drastic when you consider they were teenage boys doing the allegations and not children per se. Her attorney David Cohn had to say this is ‘We don’t have any objection to the teaching part of it, but there are family friends, relatives, things of that nature,’

summer michelle hansenThe investigation into Hansen began when a school district employee called the police tipping them off regarding possible inappropriate relationships between Hansen and the students.

She was arrested after a former student came forward and told officials that he had had a sexual relationship with the Mrs Hansen.

Hansen has been charged with multiple counts of engaging in unlawful sex with a minor including oral copulation, if found guilty she can face a prison sentence of up to 13 years.

To the left is her official police photo from the Corona Police Department. She wasn’t smiling much that day. I bet she now wished she gave out book vouchers like we got when I was at school!

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